Day 5

Had a fight with the lady-friend today. She doesn’t understand why I have been out of comms and slightly distracted the last few days. She blames me a lot for things she thinks I’ve done. For instance if I miss a call or two of hers or don’t reply To a text then she calls it “avoiding her”. That in itself will be a two hour “conversation”. I usually try really hard to look out for her. It’s just been a really busy and distracting month.

My new hobby is so much more simple. Today I went for a walk down to the river along the western border of the farm. There are quite a few Pokemon there but the river is quite rough and could get to them easily. I skirted around the edges of the river and had to stay close to shore at all times. There were some high level creatures in the river itself, but I didn’t want to waste my Pok├ęballs on those. My sister has already run out. I’m hoping to get some more for us soon.

My sister caught a Goldeen in a dam on our neighbors farm, stupid looking creature. I thought I might find one too, but no luck. In the end all I found was a Polywag. It wasn’t even in the river, but instead I found it in a pond that was about to dry up. It was rather aggressive for its size so I used my Psyduck to battle him. It’s good experience for both of us. We dazed him a little and once he had lost some of his initial aggression we caught him. He’s a bit beat up, but he’ll stabilize in the Pok├ęball and I’ll try and get him healed as soon as I can. The Psyduck was happy to be out and I let him waddle around with me for a while before putting him away.

No messages from my girlfriend. Maybe she has a new hobby too?


Day 4

So apparently there are gyms and something called Pokestops being set up with the arrival of these creatures in our world. I look forward  to stumbling across one of these at some stage. It will be a good excuse to go into the city and maybe meet a few others who are interested in catching and training these new creatures. I am sure there are lots of people who can teach me more. I am so new to this I am already getting more information than I realised was even out there. The Pokedex is annoying, but useful non-the-less. Each time I have caught a Pokemon the Dex blinks obnoxiously until you read the information it has gathered on your latest catch. 

I am having a little more luck with scanning for Pokemon. There are apparently a few new creatures nearby. I simply need time to go and explore the corners of the farm and see what is lurking there. Even though I love my Charmander I can’t wait to get down to the river and see if I can get any Pokemon in the shallow edges of the water. I’ll go exploring a little tomorrow because I have a few days off from work. 

Day 3

I didn’t find a Charmander yet. But I was walking along the Side of the road (not the middle because we stay aware of our surroundings) past some tall grass and trees when a squat little yellow creature with bug eyes and a flat mustard colored beak peered at us from under an overgrown tree partially covering the dusty roadside. He didn’t look happy, he was covered in dust from the road and was the driest duck I had ever seen. It was a Psyduck. I thought these were pretty rare but I suppose not as rare as we thought at least not in this kind of countryside farm area.

A car drove past us and covered the creature in another layer of dust. The car didn’t stop (#don’tcatchanddrive) but the the dust made the Psyduck angry. There we were the only ones in the duck’s vision and only a cloud of dust to hide us. He charged at us. I felt a bolt of mental energy blast into me. I threw the a ball as quickly as I could but they missed and the capture field from them didn’t reach him. My third hit the unhappy beast gently on the belly and he seemed surprised as the energy field surrounded him and transported him into the Pokeball.

My sister was happy for me but now she wants a Psyduck to. We turned back and headed for home. The radar said there was a bat shaped Pokemon nearby but. We’ll try find that another day as it didn’t cross our path and that kind of creature probably prefers a darker environment. My sister caught a pink fluffy thing on the way home, not exactly her cup of tea.

Day 2

There is something wrong. I can’t get my system working. I can’t even take the Bulbasaur I caught yesterday out of the Pokeball. I wanted to go out today and catch another one or at least test myself in a battle with another creature. I have heard about a Pokemon that is fire-based and kind of easy for beginners to train and keep as pets. That might be dangerous. There is a lot of wood around our old farm house but if I train it well, we will all be safe and happy.

I’ll spend today trying to get my system working again. I need to catch a Charmander. That is the pet I want to train.

Day 1

The Pokemon were released into our world a few weeks ago. The systems weren’t in place for us to deal with them but those of us with connections and a little know how were able to contact Professor Willow in a roundabout manner. He gave me what I needed to start collecting the different species of these new creatures. I can’t believe how many there are now, they must have been growing in number all these months just outside of peripheral vision. Well, I can see them now. We have a huge garden at the farm, but the first creature I encountered must have come into the house through the old wood-framed glass door to the house. The green creature swirled it’s tendrils and snapped it’s pink jaws in my direction. It was facing me down, even such a small creature had courage to face me. I couldn’t leave it in the house and the adrenalin of my first encounter actually ended with me losing three of the balls that Professor Willow gave me. 

I threw the fourth ball and the leafy green creature must have been weak enough or young enough to succumb. I have caught one so far, but even though I have other things to do the desire for more has already set in. I am going to go out later today and see what I can find waking around my father’s farm Valhalla.